Studio A is centered around a 48 channel SSL 4000G console and some serious racks of outboard gear.  Studio A features a naturally lit 24' x 20' live room with 16 foot ceilings.  As one of the best drum rooms in Chicago, the sound of this room makes both musicians and engineers happy.  We can comfortably fit your whole band playing together live just like you're used to.  A set of large, full-length windows allow for excellent visual communication between the control room and the live room.  Two isolation booths are accessible from the live room to allow for a greater degree of sonic control, while a third booth lies just off the control room.  Our Pro Tools HDX system with 32 analog inputs and 32 outputs allows for large tracking and mixing sessions.  A 2" tape machine is also available.  See our gear list for a detailed look at our mic selection and outboard gear.